National Capital Group (NCG) is a team of highly seasoned industry veterans with combined backgrounds in a wide range of Corporate Finance Services, Investment Banking, Investor Relations/Corporate Financial Communications.

NCG provides investment banking expertise for publicly traded companies. We specialize in structuring investment projects according to the demands of a corporation by combining global investment banking with Wall Street expertise and research without the high cost typically associated with these transactions.

NCG is also a resource for small to medium size businesses which are profitable, or are expected to be profitable in the near future, and which have the growth potential to become public companies through initial public offerings or reverse merger.

Our close ties with the institutional financing community and our extensive knowledge and understanding of global investors enable us to be creative, flexible and innovative in achieving our corporate client’s goals and objectives.

The rapid expansion of financial instruments and shifts in the availability of capital, the variety of political climates and regulatory concerns, and the unpredictability of national and international financial markets all point to the need for expert assistance which NCG can provide to assist clients in reaching their financial goals.

The highest returns are always achieved by recognizing cutting edge opportunities and utilizing our expertise in efficiently evaluating these opportunities and positioning us for direct equity investments.


NCG delivers financing and capital raising solutions to enable companies and institutions to fund growth and strategic initiatives. By providing innovative and powerful investment ideas to our investors, we help them deploy capital effectively while hedging risks efficiently. With both buy side and sell side services, NCG has unique perspective to advise, structure, and execute solutions that give our clients an edge in the market place and achieve their financial goals.

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Financial Advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

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Reverse Takeover (RTO)

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Investor Relations

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International Stock Loans

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Buy-Side Services

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Sell-Side Services

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Debt Placements

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Leveraged Buyout (LBO)

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